Thursday, 17 January 2008

Photo of ships company and list of places visited - from Pete Andrews

I was really pleased to receive an email from Pete Andrews. He said his father served on HMS Battler and he has sent me some material to include here.

The first item is a photo that shows the ships company in Pasgagula, Mississippi as they got ready for HMS Battler's first voyage from the USA to the UK.
(Click picture to see a bigger image)

His father also recorded the places that HMS Battler visited:

It's great to hear from other people who had relatives on board and I will continue to post other information or material that I get sent.

Thank you Pete.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the brlliant site.
My Grandfur served in the Fleet Air Arm as an Air Mechanic,He was transferred to H.M.S Battler with 834sq.from H.M.S Hunter for the Salerno Landings as part of Force-v battle group.He remained aboard from 16 Sept`43 to 16 March`44 then he was stationed at H.M.S Bherunda with 889sq.

gary evans said...

My father served on HMS Battler 1942-45 and I have many of the photos that you have posted. they were originally in an album which fell to bits and many of the captions were lost with it. Thankfully Dad inscribed the back of the photos with info so I was able to identify most. But there are many which you have cleared up for me. Well done. Excellent site.
If anyone would like to view them (104 pics) please contact me


Hi Gary, got a huge amount of spam comments and your comment got lost amongst them. Would love to see your photos! Thank you, Nick