Tuesday, 18 March 2003

HMS Battler - Programme for flying off seaplanes

Lt. Cdr. (Flying)

HMS Battler

Programme for Flying Off Seaplanes


Fly off two Swordfish for dawn patrol.
Range Swordfish A, crashed Seafire and one other by after lift and three main lanes (engine trollies wanted) and park forward – three main planes starboard side. On wing tips one Seafire. Strike down (1) one 808 Seafire (2) Swordfish A.
Park for landing consists of – three mainplanes, three whole Seafires, one crashed Seafire, one then two Swordfish.
Meanwhile refuel remaining Swordfish on deck completely.

0830 Land on two Swordfish and refuel (full petrol).
Range for flying off – three Swordfish to fly, four Seafires starboard aft, three mainplanes starboard forward.

0900 Fly off three Swordfish to Gibraltar.
Range one mobile and one semi-mobile Swordfish and forward Hurricane and park mobile Swordfish and Hurricane port side forward, semi-mobile starboard side immediately forward of No.3 barrier.

Range one 808 Seafire and Swordfish A by after lift and park right side aft.
Range three Seafires by forward lift, three by after lift, on wing tips and refuel.

Simultaneously range six mainplanes, four by forward lift, two by after lift, and dispose so that in all eight are placed fore and aft, two abreast, starboard side forward, and one starboard side forward of No.9 wire. Engine trollies will be required.

Move Swordfish mainplane and stow outside workshop.

Strike down crashed Seafire and Swordfish A aft, and Hurricane and mobile Swordfish forward.
Range Seafires for flying off, two or three on centre line depending on wind speed, remainder starboard side (two of 808 in front).

1300 approx. Fly off eight Seafires to Gibraltar.
Range Hurricane and Swordfish by forward lift.
Shift immobile Swordfish as far forward as possible.

Range six Seafires by forward lift, refuel and on wing tips, shifting mainplanes as necessary.
Shift Swordfish A and crashed Seafire forward in the hangar just abaft the uptake.
Strike down two 808 Seafires aft (facing aft in the lift)

Strike down Hurricane and two Swordfish (one semi-mobile) by forward lift, and two aftermost mainplanes.

Park six Seafires forward for landing on.

1645 approx.
Land on two Swordfish (the third remains in waiting position).
Range six Seafires for taking off and park two Swordfish starboard side.

1715 Fly off six Seafires to Gibraltar.

1730 Land on remaining Swordfish.

Note: The Commander is requested to provide a working party of 12 seamen for shifting mainplanes.

(sd) AR Burch
Major, RM, Lt.Cdr. (Flying)