Wednesday, 4 February 2004

HMS Battler - photos from Durban, South Africa February 1944

Durban - City Hall
Durban - Memorial Square
Durban - Aerial view of amphitheatre

Durban - Surf bathers naked
Durban - South Beach

Durban - Amphitheatre and gardens

Durban - South Esplanade


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your website/blog. I was very interested because I am trying to find out what my grandfather, who had been in the RN from 1901-1928, rising to the rank of Captain, and who had been awarded the DSO during WW1, did in WW2. I had had an idea that he had done something to do with the Admiralty, but did not know anything definitely. However, I recently came across a photo of eight men, most in naval uniform, with my grandfather as one of them, marked as an official photograph of H.M.S. Battler. It is marked G/50/115, and has a date marked 15 April, but the year is illegible.

I am very much hoping to find out more. Can you help? Would you be interested in the photo - I expect you already have it?!

Best wishes,

Philip Wilson

gary evans said...

I have about 10 pics of the Kings Park Camp at Durban 1944, they include excellent,identifiable pics of my father and his shipmates there. There are one or two which stand out eg. "scrubbing out" and the NCO Mess . I would be absolutely delighted to share these with anyone who was there (unlikely now) or their decendants . Please contact me.