Saturday, 21 December 2002

21st Dec 1942

0730 sailed to join convoy en route to UK.
At 1220 flew off two Swordfish of 840 to Floyd Bennett Field, New York. The third had engine trouble and had to be struck down for repairs, being flown off two hours later. Intercepted signal indicating that first two aircraft had arrived (they were flown off less than 10 miles from the aerodrome). Third aircraft had 35 miles to fly. Received W / T signals from this aircraft until expected ETA when nothing more was heard and presumed aircraft had landed. Unable to transmit owing to W / T silence being in force.
A/c Crew Time off Take off run Wind Weight
DK717 Lt (A) LR Tivy, S/Lt Rodway, PO Air Donnelly 1220 240' 28 7000 (50 gallons of petrol only)
DK719 S/Lt Tucker, I pass, LR Adams 1222 220' 28 6950 (50 gallons of petrol only)
DK718 S/Lt Williams, LAM Fribbins, NA Harvey 1439 250' 30 7350 (100 gallons of petrol)

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